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Welcome to Berlin!

I would like to give you an impression of Germany's fascinating capital.
On my walking tours you will get to know some of Berlin's most interesting landmarks.
Here you can find an extract from my program. I offer all my tours in English.
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I am looking forward to meeting you in Berlin.
Anke Fromme

The old Jewish quarter of Berlin

First courtyard of the Hackesche HöfeNew SynagogueMemorial: Der verlassene RaumWithin the Sophie-Gips-courtyards

Synagogues, restaurants, schools, the old cemetery and other parts of the Jewish community give you an idea of the history of Jewish life in Berlin and its current regeneration. We'll visit places of persecution and resistance during the Nazi era. We'll also take a look at the most famous Berlin courtyards, e.g. the „Hackesche Höfe“, with its elegant ceramic facades. They are places which show the typical mixture of living and working in the same place.

Kreuzberg: Immigrants, artists, students
and the alternative way of life in Berlin

Stadtführung Berlin Kreuzberg Am HeinrichplatzEngelbecken in KreuzbergKreuzberger MauerspielplatzIn der Oranienstraße

Let us take a walk through Berlin's most famous working class district. Kreuzberg is the home of many immigrants, of artists and all kinds of people who are searching for an alternative way of live. It is also famous for its shops, bars, restaurants and coffee shops for people who prefer an individual lifestyle. We'll also stroll along the former route of the Berlin Wall.

Prenzlauer Berg:
Working class, GDR-opposition and modern life


We walk through the popular north-eastern district of the city, which was originally a place for outings to beer gardens. Each of the famous breweries had its own beer garden and nowadays they have become well-known places of culture in Berlin (e.g. Kulturbrauerei). In the 19th century, Prenzlauer Berg developed its identity as a working class district with the highest population density in Europe. During the time of the GDR, Prenzlauer Berg was the district of the opposition to the communist regime. Artists, members of the church and others created this part of the former East-Berlin in the 70s and 80s. Let us take a glimpse of this time in German history by walking through the streets. Today Prenzlauer Berg is a popular district, both to live and for going out at any time of the day and night.

The Reichstag and the new Government District:
The corridors of power

Band des BundesReichstagBritish embassyBundeskanzleramt

For a few years now the German Parliament and Government have been in Berlin. We'll take a walk amongst the famous historical buildings and the new impressive architecture. Whilst walking along the river Spree we will look at the Office of the Chancellor and the phenomenal new buildings of the Parliament. Then we'll take a closer look at the old building of the Reichstag with his colourful history, and at some of the most important Embassies. A great deal of thought has been put into creating buildings, which achieve a pleasant fusion between the western and eastern parts of the city.

Unter den Linden:
The beautiful boulevard in the old centre

Old National GalleryGoddess Nike on the castle bridgeOperncafe in the Princess« PalaceCathedral Saint Hedwig

Take a walk along Berlin's favourite avenue. From the "Berliner Dom" to the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin's well-known landmark, we experience grandiose buildings and tales of the past 300 years of the city's history, but we get to know about today's life with the German Government, Foreign Embassies and places of culture such as the State Opera House, the National Liberary and the Humboldt University.

The Berlin Wall:
Remains, death strip and memorials

Checkpoint CharlieRemains of the WallWatchtowerMemorial Potsdamer Platz

The Berlin Wall divided the city into East and West for 28 years. It immured West Berlin from 1961 till 1989. And it was not just a simple wall, it was maybe the world's most heavily fortified border. This walk traces the course of a small stretch of the Wall in the centre of the city. Along the way you can see some of the remains: a former watchtower, the second longest section of the original Wall, the most famous former border crossing point Checkpoint Charlie.

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